The Depth of Grace proves that God’s grace is always deep enough to reach us in our darkest hour if we are willing to put in a genuine effort in our Search for Him

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The Depth of Grace Series

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After his salvation in 1997 at 17-years old, Bronson was converted to Christianity and Jesus transformed his life. After a very public and humiliating fall from grace two years later, he entered into a life riddled with murder, drugs, violence, and the deaths of several childhood friends and acquaintances. The Depth of Grace isn’t simply another story of God’s manifest grace. When Bronson got the news of the most recent death of a childhood friend he was going through withdrawals in an effort to get off drugs and get his life back on track with God.   Immediately after the phone call he dropped to his knees and begged God for forgiveness. Bronson promised God that if He would restore him that he would tell the world about Jesus.

When Bronson began his search for Jesus after that commitment to God, he was addicted to Oxycontin and sold drugs to support his habit. His suppliers were Internet doctors and the Mexican drug cartel that worked the Laredo TX area. He was recognized as one of the most violent men in the Shreveport/Bossier LA bar scene. His last physical altercation entailed single handedly fighting the entire staff of the roughest nightclub in this metropolitan area. Bronson’s search for redemption would be considered very unusual because of his trust issues with the church and men of God. His only hope was reading the bible while alone in his sickness. What he found in this three-year extremely desperate bible study was extraordinary. The most intriguing aspect of this book is that the teachings represent biblical truths that Bronson uncovered while fighting for his life. There is no religious influence in the Depth of Grace and the teachings are raw and powerful beyond measure. For examples of this truth, please visit the book preview page in this website.

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