About The Author

About the Author

Readers-Favorite-AwardJ. Bronson Haley began an unusual and controversial walk with Jesus in 2002.  As a drug addict who sold drugs to support his habit, Bronson began studying God’s word as if his life depended on it.  He was often judged and persecuted for reading the bible and talking about Jesus while high on drugs, but to Him it was either read and find Him, or die.  During his time of violence and addiction Bronson had lost several childhood friends to drug overdoses, murder, suicide, and random freak drug and alcohol related accidents.  Having once known God, the thought of continuing down this road of terror was a constant torment riddled with death.  At the same time, after failing God in an extremely public and humiliating way, Bronson had resigned to ever truly returning to Him.  However, in this book readers will uncover exactly what Bronson found in His alone time with God.  The stories are graphic and he tells it like it is.  The Depth of Grace is not for the faint of heart.  However, readers will be challenged to dig deep into their own hearts and soul in this journey.   At the completion of the book, readers will be left confident that the plan of redemption for all people is as certain as the return of Jesus Christ.

After 13 years of much fasting, prayer, and study combined with many trials and tribulations in Him, Bronson is bringing his findings to the public.  He has never been more fully convinced that God plans to unify His people in this final hour.  According to Bronson, there is no longer room for one minister to approach another pointing out an error in doctrine and a need for repentance.  Today, one minister will approach the other who has different beliefs and they will humble themselves together so that neither might miss Him during this most crucial time in history.

A Note From The Author

My primary reason for writing this book is to prove, through God’s Word and the story of my own topsy-turvy life, that followers of God are very human and sinful, just as those men and women of God in the Bible were, but that by His grace, we can walk in new life in Christ. As I look back over my own life and compare it to the heroes of the Bible, I find that I’m not so different from them as I might have once thought. Consider that the apostle Paul referred to himself as the “chief of all sinners.” The point is that our sins do not determine who we are in Christ through grace. God can even use our past mistakes to change lives in a positive way if we discover the truth about who we are according to God’s Word. The apostle Paul once supported the murder of Christians because they believed and confessed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. But then God transformed him into the most powerful man of God in history. In this book, I want to prove to people that, no matter where they have been in life and how dark their paths have been, they too can overcome through grace and do extraordinary things with their lives.

Additionally, through this book, I want to prove to backslidden Christians that they have not messed up beyond the boundaries of hope and grace, no matter how far they have fallen. Finally, I’m also writing this book to show those farthest from God the truth about who they are and what Jesus has made available to them through grace.


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