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“All of us deal with wrong choices and bad habits at various times in our lives–it’s the nature we’re born with. Unfortunately, there are those among us who take one drink of alcohol and become an addict–one out of eight statistics reveal. In his very honest memoir, J. Bronson Haley shares two concurrent but vastly different journeys–a path of self-indulgence filled with drugs, alcohol, crime and heartache, and an irresistible inner journey God-ward. He offers a glimpse of his physical battles, then challenges the reader with thought-provoking excerpts and commentaries from the Word of God. For instance, Haley is impressed (as I am) by this truth: “the priest never examined the person. He always examined the sacrifice . . . the Lamb of God is found worthy every time He is examined.” As you read, you will urge Bronson to make good choices. You will struggle alongside him as he battles his inner demons. You will cheer every victory and grieve every setback. Haley is not easy on himself. In this insightful and riveting read, he opens the door of his life to us with humility, transparency and vulnerability.

This is not a story of defeat, however. Ultimately, Bronson does finds grace and mercy and deliverance, and he finds it at the feet of Jesus. You will rejoice when he is finally free. “The Word of God” set me free,” he writes. For those of you struggling to conquer your own inner demons or addictions, “The Depth of Grace” will encourage and guide you into the best option available. If you’re already living a life of victory, you will certainly celebrate Haley’s testimony of triumph.”

“Hitting rock bottom was not just another phrase for author J. Bronson Haley; for him it was a reality. Living life in the fast lane, a most feared reputation of a street fighter and spending time in jail gave Haley a reputation that caused people to stay clear of him. But then one day Haley found Someone who changed his life forever, Jesus Christ. Jesus delivered Bronson from the deep hole he’d dug for himself. And his story is written in his book, “The Depth of Grace”. This is a story, and a testimony of how God can take a life that is seemingly doomed and make something wonderful out of it. Bronson doesn’t sugarcoat his story by any means; he is totally honest about his life before he ask Jesus in. His deep bondage to sin gripped his life and wouldn’t let go, no matter how hard he tried. The things Haley did, the situations he tells of in this book, are heart wrenching, because of the way he was ruining his own life. But the amazing thing is, none of that matters to God. This story shows just who God is, and that He is in control, not matter the situation, and that He can do anything, just because He is God. This would make an awesome Bible study because the author gives ‘rest stops’ chapters throughout the book to give the Biblical viewpoint of what he is telling.

I very highly admire and respect author Bronson Haley for telling his story. My prayer is that many people out there that are in somewhat the same situation as Haley will read this book, and find out that there is hope, no matter how difficult their situation is. God loves us and He does care for us more than we know. And even in the times He doesn’t seem real, He is definitely real, and willing to change our life when we call on Him.”

“Understanding the fact that there’s a ‘friend’ out there who will always be with you no matter how far you’ve fallen or how many sins you’ve committed, is a beautiful reality. At the same there are many in this world who are lost, who have succumbed to alcohol, drugs, anger, fate – and simply found themselves with nothing; living a life of loneliness that they couldn’t get out of.

This story is a true tale offered by a man who saw the bottom of life and ended up finding the one person who could help him through the pain and pull himself up – out of the nightmare he was living. This was not only an intriguing story about his life and the life lessons learned, but also a beautiful tribute to the Son who is forever trying to help us not lose our way.

Mr. Haley tells it like it is. The truthful account of his life in many different locations, brings Shreveport, Louisiana to the forefront. It is in this gritty town that readers are taken inside the cruel, frightening, sometimes vicious world of a street-fighter. Mr. Haley was one of those people who you would cross to the other side of the street to avoid, simply because a part of you was scared to death of what he would do if you were on his bad side. The cold bars on the jail cell clanged at times, and there were even moments when Mr. Haley had no idea how he got arrested in the first place. This is a man who lived a life wrapped around utilizing and relying on addictions in order to find some kind of happiness in the haze.

Even when you find yourself angry at this man; even when you find his manners distasteful, there is always a part of you that feels for him. Saying he had a ‘tough childhood’ is an understatement; but it was why he created the mask he constantly wore to protect himself from the world. Though his face may have worn a sneer and his fists may have pounded on flesh, there was a soul inside screaming for help.

Failure happens. But instead of giving up, instead of choosing to crawl through life, Mr. Haley found a way to stand by finding Jesus. I know there are still those out there who roll their eyes at this concept, but Jesus is a true friend who offers us the power to stand against all the sin and violence that make headlines each and every day.

This author offers wisdom, a look at the combination of true struggle and redemption, and the common sense understanding that no one is perfect and Jesus doesn’t expect us to be. The locations are incredibly vivid, ranging from the streets of Louisiana to the stunning landscape of Colorado to Mexico and beyond. It is odd to say this about a nonfiction piece, but the thrills and adventure are certainly there. This is a breath of fresh air; and for some, it may just be the shot of faith they need in order to put their life back on track.

Quill says: From the depths of pain to the apex of freedom, this book hits on all cylinders and is priceless!”

“The Depth of Grace by J. Bronson Haley tells the trying story of a young mans journey to salvation and how he landed there even after taking more wrong turns and detours than most sometimes do. As someone who went through a darker course in life, Bronson is able to relate to others like him, who are literally in desperate need of God’s grace. This is the raw, honest story about the life he lived leading up to the point where he truly became saved and understood that God’s grace and love was the one thing he was missing in his life. Bronson tried a variety of other methods to find happiness, and most of these methods led him down an even darker path. He shares the pain and heartache of  bad habits and addictions he struggled with while living an unhealthy lifestyle and the heartache he experienced when these same destructive behaviors claimed the lives of those he was close to. Through it all, Bronson discovered that God was there all along, sometimes watching out for him even when he didn’t deserve it, and always offering him another chance, especially when he didn’t deserve it.

It took losing a very dear friend for him to come to terms with the fact the he had a story to share with the world, and that it may not be too late to save others. He began to make changes in his life and live his life for God. He was a walking testimony of how amazing God’s grace really is and how there is no sin too great for God’s forgiveness. Between the chapters that Bronson shares his life experiences and all of the dark places he found himself in along the way, he includes “Rest Stops,” chapters integrated throughout the book that share his favorite stories and scriptures from the Bible and how they applied to his life and his situation personally.

I imagine it took a lot of courage to share his story. I am sure knowing what he knows now, it would make sense that he’d have quite a few regrets in his life. If he had the chance, I’m sure Bronson would go back and do many things differently. But in life, people make decisions. There are consequences. Thankfully, his story decided to get back on the right path. Thankfully, God allowed him the strength to share his story. While I don’t personally identify with everything that Bronson experienced, I do identify with the ability to be relatable to others. I believe that some people experience a variety of events and emotions in life so that they can use their story to relate to others in the same situation. Because of this, I believe that his story will be able to reach and help many people who are heading down the same dark path that Bronson traveled before. Perhaps there are people who are at rock bottom and this story will be their light at the end of the tunnel.

The book is well written and although I’d consider some parts of it to be a bit more “heavy reading,” I feel that the story and subject matter are conveyed in a very honest and effective way. I’d give this book 4 stars and recommend it to anyone who is in a dark place in life, anyone living with regret, anyone who feels empty and just wants to find a way out from the dark and lonely path they’ve found themselves at, or perhaps even someone who may have a troubled loved one. This is a story that will relate to people who may not yet feel that they are worth God’s grace. Bronson has used his own life’s experiences to become a voice that can represent many people who may not relate to other stories.”

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