From street fights and seances to drunken parties and drug runs...

From the depths of pain to the apex of freedom, this book hits on all cylinders.

About the Book

Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride that stretches from Louisiana and Colorado to Florida and Mexico—and all the way into the arms of Jesus Christ! Through this amazing story, you’ll see that God's grace is always deep enough to reach us in our darkest hour if we hold on to Him and His Word!

Bronson Haley lived life so fast—one filled with crime, violence, alcohol, and conducting business with the Mexican drug mafia—that he’d sometimes wake up in a jail cell without having a clue as to how he got there. As one of the most feared street fighters in Shreveport, Louisiana, Bronson had a reputation that preceded him—and usually made people get out of his way.

After a miraculous and well-publicized conversion to Christianity, Bronson ended up in an affair with a deacon’s wife in the mega church he was saved in. That’s when Bronson committed what he describes as spiritual suicide—what takes place after a fallen Christian or sinner believes they have made decisions that place them beyond the boundaries of redemption and reconciliation with God.

Not only did he turn back to his old way of life, but he took his sin to exponential heights with drugs, violence, and an increase in lawlessness with his fellow millennial rebels.

In his book The Depth of Grace: Finding Hope at Rock Bottom, Bronson shares the highlights—and lowlights—of his life . . . and he pulls no punches. All the raw, gritty details are here, showing how Bronson failed miserably time and again.

After his public and disgraceful failure with God, Bronson isolated himself with the Bible for three years and endured terrible suffering. What he found is breathtaking and will no doubt shake up the religious institution and the world of rebels, as the true love of the resurrected Jesus comes to light.

In addition to sharing his personal story of a painful childhood, a tumultuous lifestyle, and finding Jesus a few different times as a disgraced millennial himself, Bronson includes “Rest Stops” throughout his book. These Bible teachings contain raw revelations of grace that penetrate deep enough into the hearts of today’s sinners to capture their souls. The Rest Stop chapters dig deep into the Word, but the content does not beat down the reader, and instead lifts them up to the Lord Jesus, even as a spotless virgin bride presented to her King.

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A Brief Excerpt from the Book

You will rejoice when he is finally free. “The Word of God” set me free, he writes. For those of you struggling to conquer your own inner demons or addictions, “The Depth of Grace” will encourage and guide you into the best option available. If you’re already living a life of victory, you will certainly celebrate Haley’s testimony of triumph.

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