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The Depth of The Sacrifice


To truly understand the more basic principles regarding Jesus being the Lamb of God crucified is to never again postpone repentance for any reason, especially shame and guilt. It seems that the more fortified religious institutions today can delve so deep into scripture during a teaching that we almost have to be biblical scholars to even understand. Today, lets scratch the surface regarding Jesus who was and is the crucified Lamb of God so that we may be fully convinced of the raw power in His blood regarding repentance and forgiveness.

While reading my bible one-day years ago (as a drug addict), I noticed in the Old Testament that during the Jewish Passover celebration, God’s people would choose their best lamb for a sin offering so that their sins could be forgiven. Once they picked the perfect sacrifice from their flock, they would bring the animal to the priest who served in the earthly tabernacle. The priest would then examine the sacrifice to make sure it was worthy to cover the person’s sins. If the sacrifice were without defect, the priest would offer forgiveness for their sins by the shedding of the blood. Take note that the priest never examined the person. He always examined the sacrifice. If the priest found the sacrifice worthy, their sins were forgiven.

During this particular reading, as my mind was opened to the scripture, I wept as I recalled Jesus being referred to as the Lamb of God in the book of John: “John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, ‘Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’” (John 1:29). I already knew that Jesus died so that our sins could be forgiven. I understood that He had purchased our sins with His blood and that, upon accepting Him as Lord and Savior, we would be set free from the curse of sin and receive eternal life. However, I didn’t understand the truth hidden in the depths of His blood regarding repentance.

Most of us already know that we no longer have to bring sin offerings to our pastor be forgiven of our sins 🙂 . God has provided us with a perfect sacrifice. Jesus is our sacrifice without defect. When He died at Calvary and three days later rose from the dead, Jesus made available to us forgiveness and eternal life— free of charge! What an incredible gift! Today He sits on His throne at the right hand of the Father in all of His glory. When we repent, we kneel before the throne of grace and ask God for forgiveness. So while this is mostly common knowledge among Christians, consider this …

Often times our shame will not allow us to receive forgiveness or to forgive ourselves, and we knows its true—especially if we have screwed up publically and have completely fallen from grace in what we might consider a most humiliating and shameful way. At one time in my life, I simply could not return to God a complete and total failure and force the sin-infested aroma of my addiction and failures into the nostrils of the Almighty. I was too ashamed to come into His presence, much less ask for anything. So here’s the comforting news: the Lord does not examine us when we come into His presence to repent! It makes perfect sense if you think about it: God the Father understands better than we do that we cannot fight the demons in our lives without His Son. The Lord understands that demons are stronger than us without Jesus. And why would God allow us to return to His presence in good shape after rejecting His Son and His sufferings in the first place? When we return to God, why would the Lord examine us? Not going to happen, people! He examines Jesus who sits at his right hand and upon examination finds Him perfect every time 🙂

“But, Bronson! One more thing! What about the ridiculous weight of my dinosaur-sized sin?” Tell me this: because of which of your sins will the Father say to His Son, “Jesus, My plan was not perfect after all … I’m terribly sorry, but You did not suffer enough for this person”? Not going to happen! The truth is that He did suffer enough, so His blood covers the darkest of our sins. Let’s face it: we feel better when we pay the price for what we do wrong, whether we admit it or not. Would death by crucifixion be sufficient punishment for your horrible sin? Well, good for you! Jesus already paid the price! How many of us understand that the Lamb of God is found worthy every time He is examined? No amount of sin can rob Him of this glory!

One other principle concerning repentance that is very important to understand when we struggle to find the strength to forgive ourselves or accept forgiveness. This next concept will give you the strength to repent under any circumstance, no matter how severe the shame may be: Should we be too ashamed to go to the Father and accept the sufferings of His Son as sufficient to cover our failures? Or should we be more ashamed to tell Jesus, “I appreciate that You suffered horribly on the cross at the hands of the most skilled professional torture man in history—the Roman-era Hannibal Lecter, so to speak. However, You did not suffer enough for me!”

I may mess up tomorrow. You may mess up tomorrow. However, we will never be able to justifiably tell Jesus that He didn’t suffer enough to be able to offer forgiveness to us.

I hope that you received as much comfort from this message as I did when God first showed me this principle years ago. One of the most difficult parts of walking with Jesus is knowing that we are going to screw up eventually. Considering what He has done for us, it’s hard to accept that fact and sometimes easier to simply quit walking with Him because of our weakness and failure. I hope this post has helped you understand that we do not repent because we are worthy, but because Jesus is worthy. We don’t receive forgiveness because we deserve it, but because He has paid for it. More sad than having to repent of our sins after falling for sometimes the 77th time, would be to allow even a single drop of His blood to be taken for granted.

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4 thoughts on “The Depth of The Sacrifice

  1. Brenda Brown says:

    Thank you very much i for sure needed to hear this.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. Comments like these make bring me joy…..thank you 🙂

  2. Khatri says:

    hm. Well, this is how I see it. There is nothing wrong with hanvig something to belive in and should I die and find out I was wrong all along, I can just say that I have wasted a little time. On the other hand, if I am right I know where I will be and I can only hope that everyone will be there with me. Oh, I asked a couple of people about the sacrificial lamb before Jesus and was unable to get a stright answer other than my interpritation is not “quite right.” Now I kind of want to ask someone that I know can explain it correctly, though I don’t think I am completely wrong. These are the times I miss my sister. She was such a studier of the word and was always able to answer my questions without bias.

    1. I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to send me an e-mail and

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